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FemNeuro Resources

IYNA Mentorship

The IYNA Mentorship program is a program that was made with the purpose of pairing together high schoolers with undergraduate, graduate, and professional mentors in order to help high schoolers fulfill educational goals in neuroscience. To find out more about the IYNA Mentorship program, click here.


The Brain Bee

The Brain Bee is an international competition that was developed with the overall mission of raising awareness of neuroscience and promoting the education of neuroscience among pre-collegiate level students. Students compete in 3 major levels: regional, national, and international. 


To find a Brain Bee in your area, reference this link:


For more information about the International Brain Bee or the Brain Bee in general, please reference this link


Online Courses

Online courses are some of the best ways to introduce yourself to neuroscience, especially if you are studying at a pre-collegiate level. For students who don’t necessarily have exposure to neuroscience / upper-education classes, online neuroscience courses help to provide a guidance mechanism in which they can pursue the rest of their future neuroscience goals in the future through establishing a stable foundation of educational success in the present. 


Here are some of the most popular neuroscience courses from "EdX":

Neuroscience Internships

Neuroscience internships are some of the most key opportunities that can be used in order to develop valuable hands on experiences in neuroscience as well as serve as an important foundation in which one can build connections for their future. 


Here are some Neuroscience Internships for the pre-collegiate / high school age group:


Johns Hopkins High School Neuroscience Internship


CSNE Young Scholars Program


Neuroscape Volunteer Internship Program


Broad Summer Scholars Program of MIT and Harvard

Neuroscience Contests


AAN Neuroscience Research Prize


The International Neuroethics Society Essay Contest

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